Tuckernuck for Spring!

Friday, February 5, 2021

Let's Go Shopping!


Hello, dear friends.  I hope you had a good week.  Any week that we manage to stay healthy is a good one in my book.

This is the second of a series of posts where I  convince the Mister that I am doing research as opposed to shopping.  You can find the first one here.  By the way, he has the pandemic to thank for sharpening my online shopping skills.  

Today, I am looking at jackets.  I own a few, but unfortunately, they are keeping each other company in storage.  So now I need something for those in-between days where the temps are not too hot or too cold.

I love every item on this site.


Barbour on sale!!
Happy Valentine's Day to me!

I have a lipstick in my arsenal that would match this coat perfectly!
The only problem is no one would see it with my mask on.

I love to wear color in the Springtime.
Right now, my closet is a sea of black and grey.

Of course, this is Kate Spade.

I have one just like this one.

Love the collar.

Love the look.

Two coats for one... it's reversible!

When I was a child, my mother had a coat similar to this one.
She referred to it as a car coat
Do they still call them that?

Maybe I should ask this guy. 

They call this a jacket although it looks like a sweater to me.

Great for my walks.

I'm not so sure I could carry this one off.

I hope your team wins this weekend!

Until next time...

Allow me to introduce you to Gina, who is one of my long-time readers and her sweet Chase.

This is my sweet pup, Chase.  He will be turning 14 next month.  We got him from a rescue when he was 18 months old.  He has been one of the best pets we have ever had, and I still cannot figure out why anyone would have given him up.  He loves everyone, and everyone loves him.  Chase enjoys daily walks, lying in the warm sun, and nightly stare-down contests with me. 

Thanks, Gina!

If you have a cute dog, email me a picture with a short bio, and I would be honored to include your little furbaby on my blog.

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  1. You have done your jacket research like a boss! I have so many coats and jackets in my closet but I never seem to be able to find just the right one when I need one. Right now I need my parka and scarves and hats to cover me from head to toe with all these negative windchill’s! Brr. I hope Texas never see his negatives and how can it with positive YOU in residence! Have a great weekend! XO

  2. We also called them car coats! Are we voting on what you should purchase? If so I vote for the Tuckernuck leather blazer. I love that site also. Love the blue and white and the pink Kate Spade as well as Barbour anything.

    Oh Chase, what a sweet face. I bet he doesn't chew other people's property!

    Have a great weekend! Xoxox Annie G.

  3. Good round up! I also want everything from Tuckernut. Thank you for featuring Chase on your blog today.

  4. All fun jackets! As fast as January went, Spring will be here before we know it!

  5. There is a new listing in the Deer Run neighborhood in Prosper with an open house tomorrow 1-3pm.

    1000 Deer Run

    Happy house search!

  6. Don’t need any coats, but that Kate Spade pink coat speaks to me 😀

  7. I wish that I lived someplace warmer where I didn't need so many warm coats... sigh. (I don't understand who buys those overly short coats - not me.)

  8. We called that style you mention a car coat too, and I still do. Love that coral color that you have the lipstick to match. I'm that JCrew girl with the denim and and vest, for sure. But I'm tired of all the greys and blacks too. Have a great weekend.

  9. Katie, if we shopped together you would be a VERY bad influence on me.

  10. Great coat picks!! I, too, love fun pops of color in the spring! That lipstick would be so pretty. Happy weekend!!

  11. KATIE


  12. I've saved the reference to several of these great jackets you've found.
    I am so happy your Mister lets you do all of this important research for your fans. I appreciate your work.

  13. Tuckernuck for the win. Oh. I do remember car coats but haven’t heard that term in years.
    We have a new ‘baby’ coming to live with us in a couple of weeks. Will send you a picture soon.

  14. I live in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. I don't wear many jackets as I love the rain and am okay with getting a tad damp. I do wear a winter jacket if and when we get snow (or we go to the mountains for the snow). I love the variety of jackets you showed! Why is that coat referred to as a car coat - besides the obvious "I wear that coat when in the car" reason? Was it because it didn't show dirt, didn't wrinkle easily, or kept you warm? Such an interesting tidbit of history there I'm sure. I agree with what Jeanie said: If we went shopping together, you would be a VERY bad (or good?!) influence on me! ~Adrienne from Gluten Free Preppers and a member of the Blogger's Pit Stop Crew

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