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Friday, November 6, 2020

Our Favorite Things for Travel

Hello, dear friends.  Notice anything different about me?  No, not that extra five LBs. I packed on along the road trip.  My dear friend and fabulous site designer, Linda Primmer, gave my blog a brand new facelift.  The best part is there is no recovery time!

All is well here in the Big D.  

The weather has been sunny and in the low 70's.  

We needed to get away from the election coverage, and Bistro 31 was just the ticket.

The Mister actually accompanied me in my salad choice.


I  put a list together of some of our favorite items for traveling.  The Mister chipped in his two cents, and I am pretty sure that you will be able to identify his contributions.

Have I mentioned to you that the Mister was an Eagle Scout? 

No road trip should be without a tire inflator.
And also a man who knows how to use it. 

I have two sizes of my MZ Wallace bags - large and medium, and I used them both on the road trip.  They are feather-light, and it's amazing how much you can fit into them.

The Mister kept pushing me into getting a backpack.  It didn't appeal to me, but he got me one anyway a couple of years ago.  I must say I do love it, especially when we are carrying bags into a hotel, and I need a free hand for our little Diva's leash.  

The small rolling bag is another bag that has plenty of room.
I was limited to the amount of luggage I could bring in the car.
The Mister gets so crabby when he can't see out the back window.

If you are traveling with your pet, this organized bag is a lifesaver!

I bought this little bed for the backseat, and our little Diva slipped into snore city in a matter of minutes.
HUGE Sale !!!

I threw an extra blanket in the car in the event of an emergency.
I am happy to report there weren't any.

Our little Houdini's worst enemy.
It's easy to fold up and stash away.
Still no break-outs!

Chili can't take her daily Prozak without a pill pocket!
Heaven forbid, I run out of these!

These are great because they are large and easy to pull apart at a moment's notice.

I like to be comfortable when I travel.
I ordered a few of these in different colors.
They were perfect for the chilly mornings.
Also great for my Texas walks.

I've talked about how much I love my Talbots skinny jeans.
They look and feel great, but they lack the comfort level for long car trips.
I found these jeans a couple of years ago and always wear them when I travel.  They fit well and have so much give that they are what I imagine pajama jeans to feel like.
Added bonus: no zipper!

My #2 gave me this cosmetic bag set a few years ago.
I like that I can find all of my miracle products right away because it opens from the top. 

I also love this jewelry case.
I got it on sale last year.
Two compartments and lots of room for the Mister to add to my jewelry collection.

This retractable charger set comes with three cords and never tangles. I keep one in my backpack and one in my purse.

A couple of years ago, my #1 and SIL gave me this tech organization pouch. Now I don't have to bug the Mister to borrow his chargers and plugs when I can't find them.

A car charger is a necessity on every road trip.

OK, guess who bought this radar detector.
Not me.
The irony is that neither of us speed.
But just in case we decided to put the pedal to the metal, we are prepared.

The Mister says that these compression packing cubes are the best thing since sliced bread.  He tells me that they are amazing - you can fit so much in a cube without the bulk.

He also insinuated that they would be perfect for an over-packer like me.
I know there's a compliment in there somewhere.
I guess I know what I am getting for Christmas.

Luckily for our #2, the Mister remembered to pack this travel toolset in the car.  She asked him to hang her TV on the wall.

We never travel without one of these fire sticks, so Mama can catch all of her favorite shows.

By the way... I highly recommend two shows.

Thanks to my buddy Maxine for recommending this fabulous show to us.

We just started this one, and we are hooked.

The Mister bought these two locks for our temporary love nest.
We're not in a bad area - but better safe than sorry.
We're on the first floor because we needed a yard for Chili.

This is the perfect example of the adage sex sells in advertising!!

We stocked the car with the necessary preventatives.
The hardest part was learning to use them.

That's it for now.  I am off to check out if any new houses came on the market and if there are any interesting Open Houses this weekend.

Stay safe.

Until next time...

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  1. Now I see why the mister gets crabby about that back window Lots of good suggestions. I always keep a light blanket in the car as well as some bottled water. We finally have duplicate things at Grimmwood so we can pretty much grab a bag and go. And still I wonder if I forgot something.

  2. Thanks so much my dear for the shout out. I love the new look, it's so you. I am always happy to design away. There are some pretty cool items here I will be looking at. Have a fabulous weekend. Hugs

  3. Just started The Undoing (watched the first two episodes)
    and The Queens Gambit (one episode) and really liked both of them.

    Following your house hunting saga in the DFW area because we may be doing the same thing in a year. Frustrating that the good ones usually get multiple offers right away.

  4. The Undoing is on our TV viewing list this weekend. That and the latest Hallmark movie, because suddenly I really need Hallmark movies. I see several things here my mister is going to be very excited about ... forwarding now. Happy Friday, happy house hunting! xo

  5. We travel with our Roku stick too! I have a box of masks I've kept in my car since we started being required to wear them that way if I happen to get somewhere and need one I always have some handy.

  6. Your little header is just perfect for a Texas girl. I am hoping you are putting together my Christmas shopping list so I don't have to leave my comfy chair!

  7. Always fun and I am going to check out several things with Christmas gifts in mind! Thanks! Sure hope you find the perfect home soon! Do keep us posted!

  8. Welcome to Texas doll! Glad you had a safe trip. Love your shopping suggestions but my pocketbook is not so thrilled. You and the Mister stay healthy!

  9. Love the new look! Good luck with the house hunting.

  10. Katie, what great tips! Especially for traveling with pets. I see a few items I need to check out~

  11. Nifty little gadgets! Mr. P. rolls his Tumi briefbag when we travel, and carries all my snacks. It's great.

  12. Out with the old and in with the new. Tumi luggage is great - Mine is perfect after 40 years. Can't wait until you find a house and start to decorate.

  13. Great gift ideas Katie. I love the Wallace bag but like I need another tote! Glad you had a nice uneventful trip to Dallas. I'm hooked on The Undoing!!!! Happy November......

  14. The new changes on the website are very pretty and oh, so modern. I always love your Amazon recommendations. I've purchased many of your recommendations and I've never been disappointed.

  15. Hi katie! Love the blog refresh! Love the recommendations and finds. I am not familiar with the Wallace bags but they would be perfect for travel.
    We are watching Doc martin a sleepy British show. If Niles and Frasier Crane had a British cousin it would be Doc martin.

  16. Love these essentials! I can definitely agree with the first aid kit. It seems that I always cut myself on the road after never hurting myself at home - bandaids are a must!
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? Life of an Earth Muffin

  17. Good luck with the house hunting. My daughter lives north of Dallas and the market has been brutal! We are dreaming of when we can travel again!

  18. Love, love your new blog face lift. Linda is the all time BEST blog designer for sure. Okay, I'm about to go check out some of these items. Happy house hunting!

  19. Love your new look and I hope you find your forever home soon. xo Laura

  20. A good list -- and you've been putting it into good practice!


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