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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Gift Guide for the Book Lover In Your Life


Hello, dear friends.  Did you have a good weekend?  Ours was fairly relaxing.  We met with our agent on Saturday and viewed three houses.  They were in the areas that we like, but the houses did not fit the bill.  Just the two of us visited some Open Houses on Sunday.  I told the Mister that even when we find our house, I want to spend my Sundays attending Open Houses.  One of the homes was flipped, and the builders did so many clever things.  Another one was clearly staged, and the furniture was placed "creatively" to make the room look larger.

Saturday night, the Mister, Chili, and I took the elevator to our #2's bachelorette pad.  The Mister made a delicious salmon dinner, and the pups continued to ignore each other.

Today, I have some gift ideas for the book lover in your life.  

A lot of them would make some great stocking stuffers.

And if you're anything like me, a lot would make a great gift for yourselves.

Am I the only one who has never heard of a book anchor before?

Or book darts?

The book couch goes under the heading of why didn't I think of that?

When large-print books were getting harder and harder to find, I made the switch to Kindle. My print is so large, the Mister says that it looks like I am reading a children's book.
He's a regular Jerry Seinfeld. 

Bed Bath & Beyond

Do you remember the ad campaign Calgon Take Me Away?

If you don't, you're too young to be reading this blog.


This is a book light that goes around your neck.

It is also a subtle hint to the partner that reads while you are trying to get some beauty sleep. 

I thought this was clever.  
This company can customize the book cover of any book you want.

How great is that?  For instance, if you suspect your man has some funny business on the side, you can have it made up with the cover of The First Husband.  Or perhaps you would like him to start coming home from work earlier, how about the cover of Fifty Shades of Grey

I ordered this one.
Love the colors.

If Chowdah wore a mask, it would be this one.

This is the Little Women tea box set.
How cute is that?

I replace the word novel with blog and make this threat to my family on a daily basis.


I wish these came in my strength.

I have these and look so much smarter in them.
I wore them to Target last week, and someone asked me what aisle they could find the Depends.

The Mister sent me this link because I always forget my glasses.  
He reminds me that I never forget my phone, though. 

If the reader on your gift list is fortunate enough to be getting away to someplace warm for the holidays, how about some reader sunglasses?  

I have these and love them.  

I look just like this girl in them.  

Maybe a tad younger...

I have this case in several different colors.

Double time glass case.

This not only cleans glasses but also does a bang-up job on jewelry, according to the reviews.  

I have a feeling that a certain Mister is going to find one of these in his stocking this year.

My jewelry has been looking dull lately.

I love to spoil my man with ulterior-motive gifts.


The Mister and I listened to this one on our road trip.
I love his humor.

The reviews on this memoir have been surprisingly positive.
I may just use my precious Audible credit to give this one a listen.  

I gave this to my buddy, Annie, for her birthday, and she loves it.  
She told me that she is going to make every item in the book.  
What can I say... she's an overachiever just like me.

Don't tell the Mister, but he will be finding this little beauty in his stocking this year.

This is my gift to me.
One of many.

Who knew he cooked too?

I feel like I owe it to the gang to buy this book since they were so supportive during my packing days.

This would be a great gift for the Angela in your office.

I wonder how many of my answers are in this book.

I ordered this for myself to remind me of my 2021 resolution.

For the high-spirited reader.

Until next time...

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  1. What a great list! I am usually not a fan of the gift guides, because I typically don’t find anything I love from them. But your post has a lot of things that I am going to be looking into for the booklovers in my life! Thank you for this!

  2. Your gift guides always the best Katie! I have several people in my family who love to read and so this is absolutely fabulous and so comprehensive! The little keychain with the customizable book cover HAS to be my favorite! Love love love!

  3. Always fun and some great ideas! Never seen an anchor either! I enjoy open houses too, and the annual home tours they have here. Good luck with the house hunt and do keep us posted!

  4. This is a great list and some clever ideas. I need you to do all my Christmas shopping. Seriously, I am checking out a few because I am trying to get it all done soon since I will be ordering most everything this year.

  5. So many cute ideas! Both my middle son and I are unabashed bookworms. I love that books/people shirt!

  6. Great gift ideas! Who knew I was onto the couch pillow when I always have (usually a lumbar) propped on my lap to hold my books?? I need to get that coffee. books. dogs. for my #1! And I want Ina's new cookbook. So many people I can see with so many of these ideas. Hope all is well and that you find your forever home soon!

  7. Great gift list! I can’t wait until you choose a new home. I hope you will share your decorating process. Remind me of the breeds or your precious dogs please; your little one looks like the one we just lost after 16 years.

    1. Believe me, Lynn, I can't wait til we find a home! Chili, the little one was rescued from Houston, which is ironic because we were living in Mass. The Vet thought that she was a maltipoo with a couple of other breeds mixed in. Chowdah is a goldendoodle.

  8. Thanks Katie, I tried to buy similar book couches last year for my grandsons and they were backordered, so thanks for the info, they are in my Amazon cart for this year!

  9. AMAZON stock will go up after ME READING YOU!
    WE have the same EYE GLASS HOLDERS IN MANY COLORS!!!!!!!!

  10. Katie, I need the book couch! What a great gift guide list that you have assembled, I can always depend on your expertise in shopping. Hoping you find the perfect home soon!

  11. Ok, I need everything ... every single thing ... on your list. This presents a bit of a problem as my mister has declared the rest of the year a spending free-zone after the shock of our final landscape renovation invoice. What to do? He's not a book fan, but I do see one book he would enjoy receiving. And, after he spend some time 'reading' it perhaps I could sneak in a large order?! Touring open houses should be a year round Sunday activity whether one is in the market or not. Here in California open houses have been a no-no since quarantine began ... not to be resumed anytime soon. No wonder I'm depressed. Well, that and you've not yet found the perfect house. This weekend will be the weekend. I just know it! xo (look at me comment from Chrome ... your blog spiff-up seem to have done the trick!)

  12. I'd rather have these than flowers really. Thanks for the great recommendations!

  13. I would like everything on this list Santa! Excepting Ina's book as I have it!

    I have already made the Paloma's, the spaghetti squash arrabbiata, and the roasted cauliflower. Waffle iron hash browns are next.

    Annie G.

  14. Great ideas! Can't believe I've never heard, "Bookmarks are for quitters." :)

  15. You never know once you need that, right? Good thing you can get some rs gold right away.

  16. Come check out what we have to offer, promise you won't regret it!


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