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Monday, November 16, 2020

A Great Day & A Giveaway

 Hello, dear friends.  

I hope that you enjoyed your weekend.  

Ours was fantabulous!!

The highlight for me was meeting Susan, who is half of the dynamic  Sista duo of Instagram and of book world fame for Sophistication Is Overrated.  

On Friday night, I read on my favorite hard-hitting news outlet, Instagram, that Susan was doing a book signing the next day at St. Michael's Woman's Exchange

One of my Insta Idols and a favorite gift shop of mine wrapped into one day?
There was no way that I was going to miss this opportunity.  

Well, it was no surprise to me that Susan is an absolute doll.  She is so warm and full of vim and vigor.  And she is also very generous.  Susan gave me a signed copy, which by the way, is co-authored by her Connecticut Sista, Babs,  for a giveaway! 

Sophistication is Overrated is the darling of the coffee table book genre.  The pages are chock-full of humor, sage advice, Sista stories, inspirational entertaining ideas, and scrumptious recipes.  The book makes a perfect hostess or Christmas gift. 

Stay tuned until the end of this post for the deets on how to win this fabulous book.

Afterward, we enjoyed another delicious lunch al fresco at Bistro 31.
You can tell that the Mister has adopted a whole new healthy lifestyle since we moved to Texas.

The Mister cannot pass a bakery without paying his respects.  
He has yet to exit without a goodie bag that I end up devouring.
Fun fact:  this bakery is owned by television personality Elizabeth Chambers, ex-wife of Armie Hammer.

That evening, we went upstairs to our #2's nest for her first annual tree decorating and lighting ceremony.

No need to go outside, Mom!
I can take care of business right here. 

We noshed on Greek food (my fave) from Kosta's.
It was positively delish.

By the way, my girl did such a great job decorating her pad.
She used the peel and stick wallpaper and said it was fairly easy.  Of course, everything is easy when you are in your 20's.

And she bought a sewing machine and took an online sewing course so that she could make pillows.

My #2 found these darling melamine plates at Walmart for two bucks!  They are online too.

She gets her bargain-hunting genes from me.

It's giveaway time!

In order to enter to win a signed copy of  the fabulous
you need to:

* follow Sophistication Is Overrated on Instagram

* Leave a comment and tell me what you would like to see more of on the blog.

** A suggested blog topic gets you double points!

The winner will be announced in my next post.

Need some more gift inspiration?

I have some here here, and here.

Have a good week, and stay safe!

Until next time...

Miss Chili
The epitome of sophistication.

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Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Your blog is outstanding! I enjoy seeing the shopping in TX and would love links to the stores as we don't have the same types of boutiques in Massachusetts. Enjoy your week!

  2. Oh, I follow them and would LOVE their book (I am tired of being sophisticated - lol!!!). I would love to see you post about your house hunting - telling us about strange things you saw in some houses!! Your daughter's bedroom is so pretty!!

  3. I have loved your blog and have followed you for many years. As a lifelong New Englander, I would love you to write a blog post about your decision to move back to Texas! I know you are originally from CT and lived in MA for the last few years. A glimpse into the allure of life in TX would be a fabulous topic for a post. I would also love you to chronicle your house hunting journey with photographs of prospective homes (if that's even allowed?). Fabulous give-away! Here's hoping I win! I followed Sophistication is Overrated on Instagram. Thank you for this give-away.

  4. Good morning! I look forward to reading all of your blog posts. Your Texas weather looks wonderful! I would enjoy seeing a post on your shopping/bargain hunting, your fashion/outfits, love your Gift Lists, house hunting adventures. Thank you for sharing with us!!

  5. Welcome back to Texas! I would like to see your adventures in house hunting or building on your blog. Fun fact... one of my daughter’s sorority sister is in charge of the kitchen at Bird Bakery! She also worked at the one in San Antonio.

  6. You had a great weekend! That bakery looks beautiful!! Oh, and seeing your family's sweet dog made me miss mine all the more. Squeeze that baby a little extra today. I would love to see a post on maybe "Three things (or whatever number) that You'd Tell Your Younger Self" or things you are going through at this stage that you would like to share with the women behind you, like me. I am finding myself going through things/changes I didn't expect and I feel like not many women talk about it. I have found myself wishing I knew someone older that could tell me it's normal and okay to feel this way.

  7. Thanks for the heads up on the Instagram page...just followed them. As to something for a blog topic. I wonder how you and the Mister are living in your temporary housing? Have you decorated or are you just there eating off paper plates while you look for your new home? What about Christmas decor? Are you decorating this year? Yes I am that nosy friend.lol My brother in law and sister in law lived in Dallas while he attended Medical School and did his residency at Parkland. So I am a bit familiar with your new city but I enjoy seeing the local sights so that might be another blog post!

  8. A suggested blog topic is what you are looking for in your new house!

  9. I think you are so enjoying being back....your daughter's home has the perfect style of sophistication....must have learned that from her Mom....I have this book and simply love it!!!

  10. Thank you for offering this amazing give-away! The book looks beautiful, inspiring and so much fun!! I enjoy your blog tremendously-your sense of humor and positive outlook in life bless me. Future topics I would love to see : Things you learned while house-hunting. More of the Mister's recipes. Entertaining ideas (I think the give-away book will cover that beautifully! And any life lessons to share. Thank you.

  11. Would love to hear more about your house hunting adventures and what you want/need in your new home especially since the chickens have flown the coop! Also love, love, love your book and movie/tv suggestions. Please keep them coming. You always seem to hear about the best new things!

  12. I love your blog and your sense of humor makes my day! I would love to see more Favorite Things posts, more recipes from your husband and any tips on entertaining. This book looks like such fun!

  13. Future Blog Ideas: Meet & Greet in Dallas!!! New Home Hunt! Mr.'s cooking for happy hour! Dallas Shopping! Thanks!! Fingers crossed for winning!

  14. I just love your blog and have been following you since your daughters were in college. I really like the collab posts you do and I would like to see more of cooking and shopping.
    You really should do a blog post about staying beautiful in a political discussion - I have no doubt you do that so well!
    Thanks for being you and sharing that with all of us!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. My favorite blog posts are your recommendations for tv/books and your gift guides because we seem to have very similar taste. I would love to see a blog post with any one of your husband's recipes. His food always looks amazing!

  17. I'm so impressed with your daughter's decor! I can tell you my apartment looked NOTHING like that when I was in my 20's. I would love to see more of your house hunting process. Have a great week! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  18. House hunting, or fun Texas finds. I love #2's wallpaper!

  19. Just so glad you moved back to Dallas! How about a few antics with Chow and Chili adjusting to their new Texas lifestyle?

  20. Anxious to see Dallas through your eyes...shopping, dining, etc. I would love for The Mister to share a few recipes..always beautifully plated.

  21. What fun and I had to chuckle at your hubby's burger & fries! Good luck to whoever wins your give-away! Do keep us posted!

  22. Hey Katie,

    I would love the book, but will try and buy it online since I don’t do Instagram.....
    Always enjoy your posts..since you are so darn cool.
    Have you tried Rise in Dallas..It’s a restaurant.
    Like Sunny, I wish you would photograph what you like about the houses you are touring.
    #2 must have inherited your excellent taste!

    By the way thanks for your concern. Have never been so happy to receive the word NEGATIVE!....Janey

  23. I love your blog especially the book recommendations. I would like to see more healthy recipes. Thanks for the opportunity.
    P.S. I've never been sophisticated!! Lol.

  24. That does sound like such a great weekend.

  25. Your blog is always very informative and entertaining❤️ Some of my favorite posts are your favorite things (especially clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc), books, movies, and TV recommendations, etc. I would also enjoy reading about your house hunting/building adventures, furnishing your new house, how you are maintaining your weight loss, the Mister’s yummy recipes, and your family Christmas traditions. Thank you for offering the opportunity to win the coffee table book😃 Hope your family has a good Thanksgiving

  26. I can’t add much to all the other comments but I love your blog. I love your humor and your writing style and your dogs! As the previous commenters, I would enjoy posts on your house hunting, decorating, your fashion/wardrobe and anything about those precious dogs! Also your reasons for moving to Texas; you do know about the heat, right? I imagine that being close to #2 will overcome that though!

  27. Bird Bakery looks sooo good. Sad NOT sad to learn that my favorite Armie Hammer is single.
    I like to read about the PEN-family favorite things, The Mister's cooking and your travels (near and far).

  28. I love reading your blog. I get so many good ideas. I now have the bags of Smartpop in my lunch and the Dr. Scholl shoe inserts. They both help me through my days of teaching 7th grade English. I would like to see your suggestions of stocking stuffers for your family. We have a 23 year old son, and our daughter and son in law are 28. They are tricky to buy for. Thanks!

  29. Looks like #2 inherited the “blue” gene. After reading your blog, I am craving Greek food. 🇬🇷

  30. I love the blog, especially the visual food joy. Your Mister is a master of presentation.
    We recently lost our beloved dog, Emma, who looked so much like Chowda. We'll be looking to adopt a new canine family member soon, so I'd love your favorite pet products and training tips.

  31. I would love to win this book and am happy to follow the authors- new to me! I am a displaced New Englander living in S Carolina and loved getting glimpses of home thru your blog posts, I’ll miss those . I would love to follow your house hunt in Texas and see what life is like out West!

  32. HI Katie,
    Okay How Have I not heard of these sisters! Following.
    Getting a copy for my sister in Tennessee (auntie Tricia).
    Um I thought I was looking at my daughter's bed when I saw your daughter's room. I am obsessed with wallpaper.
    I had another thought, but it is gone. I hope I answered the questions!
    Ha ! Oh when you said great day I thought, "you found a house on a Monday!" xo xo laura

  33. Love your blog and new adventures. Had never heard of these girls and so happy to add them to my IG following. Send more laughter! Would love to see some of your house-hunting experiences the good ones and the ... not so. Also the fun and foibles of Texas and their legendary big hair! Or ... just keep posting like you do! You do it so well.

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  35. I love that you are with your No. 2 and that it's such a charming, lovely place! The book looks grand!

  36. I follow both accounts and would love to have that book. Your posts are always filled humor and fun glimpses of your life and family. I would love hearing more about your house hunt and what you are looking for and would your wonderful husband share recipes?

  37. The crowd has certainly spoken! Your house hunt, the Mister’s recipes, book and movie recs are of high interest to us all. The sisters’ book looks terrific - would love to get to know them by winning a copy. You’re so lucky to be moving close to No 2 - my No 1 lives clear across the country and is having our first grandchild in the new year and we don’t know when we will be able to visit.

  38. Difficulty leaving a comment today, so if others so up, just delete. I'm all in on this giveaway. I follow this sister duo and enjoy their fun, entertaining style. St. Michaels is a favorite shop for me too. I need a big D shopping trip!
    As for the blog, you always entertain! I'd love to see more of the houses you are visiting. Share photos of your fav rooms, gardens, porches, etc. Love to see interiors and outdoor spaces for new ideas! Good luck with the search.

  39. I’m new here..I would love to see some holiday gift ideas for all.thank you for the chance! Good luck everyone.natbelinsky@verizon.net

    MY "GRAM" was HACKED!

  41. Hi Katie--
    I really enjoy your blog posts! I struggle with being confident in my "style" so I would love to hear how you found your style (which I love). I'm a good copier of things! And decorating advice -- especially with shelves would be a life saver. I also have 2 daughters and the oldest just got engaged -- luckily she has lots of style!

  42. I have followed the authors on IG -- then got lost in their posts. How did I miss this? I have heard of the book, but I guess I had forgotten about it. Now that you have moved back to Dallas, I would be curious to see some posts on how you think it might have changed over the years that you have lived away. I miss the constant "circus" of things to do there, and the wide selection of food, but I do not miss the interminable summers and the traffic on the loop.

  43. Hi Katie! Oh my gosh what a happy post. Your book signing meet-n-greet was awesome. I love it when the stars align to perfection like that.

    I laughed out loud about your hubs getting bakery good that you end up eating. I get that, trust me. LOL.

    Your daughter did a GREAT job with her re-do! I laughed literally out loud when you wrote "of course everything is easy when you are 20." No kidding. Oh to be young again!

    Thanks so much for the generous give-away!!!! As far as what to see more of, well I'd love more deets about you and your daughter's quest for your really great deals/treasures you find out there thrifting and such. I love anything to show "the look for less" and never seem to tire of cheering for delightful frugal finds of any kind.
    (Such as her amazing melamine plates recently found.) Bravo!

    Would love to win that book. Thank you for the opportunity. : - )

  44. I can't think of any suggestions, your blog is fabulous just as it is. Love reading about your travels, your house-hunting journey, #1 and $2 and of course, Adorable Jonathan, all the Mister's amazing cooking, the house tours, and your gift suggestions. A blog topic suggestion would be Neiman Marcus, your thoughts and impressions since they were so big in Texas.

  45. I love your blog and always find myself smiling throughout! Would love to hear about your house hunting experiences, and as always I love your book recommendations!

  46. Well, I don't usually sing up for give-aways but you can throw my name in the hat for this one!
    I would love your blog to post pictures of the new digs and process as you go along. After just moving to a Condo it has been quite an experience of downsizing and change.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and, if I were you, I would make sure the lights are off on the tree if anyone decides to 'lift a leg' instead of a glass....lol. xo Diana

  47. Love, love, love your blog, Katie! Keep doing exactly what you're doing. I can't wait to see what you do with a new house in Texas. Tell your #2 that I live just down the road from Duke University! (Hoping she'll then tell you to pick me as the winner of the book!) Thank you for bringing the joy to my inbox. xo

  48. You are always having a good time and enjoying life, Katie! Number 2 has done a fabulous job on her nest. No need to change anything, you have this blogging thing down to a fine art!

  49. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway opportunity! I'd love to see more of your two adorable, precious dogs, Chowdah and Chili, and they wonderful adventures! They are just so lovely to see and follow through your blog.

  50. Love your blog! Followed them on instagram! I'd like to hear about your decision to move back to Texas and to take us along on your house hunting adventures! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

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  52. I just followed Sophistication Is Overrated. I truly look forward to your posts. Love your sense if humor and lovely writing style. Growing up in the South, I would love a post about you being "preppy." I consider myself preppy and love hearing from others that consider themselves preppy.

  53. Delicious food and then the bakery, yumm! How special to go to the meet and greet and then get a signed book copy. The book looks fabulous, just like you dear friend. I would love to see the house hunting. I enjoy looking at houses and also getting inspired.

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