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Friday, November 20, 2020

Gift Guide for the Foodie & A Winner

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you had a good week.  I went to the eye doctor and ordered some new shades.  Is it just me, or are the doctors getting younger these days?  I swear, the doc looked like he was barely out of high school. 

No news on a house. We didn't even look at any this week.   I think a lot of people are waiting until after the holidays to list their homes.  We have had our house on the market twice in thirty years during Christmas.  It never bothered me because I hoped that the tree would distract them from the dust. 

I want to thank all of you for your comments on my last post.  
I loved all your content ideas and made a list of each and every one.


The Winner is...


Email me your address.

The Mister loves this air fryer/ toaster oven more than me.  
It was the first thing packed for the apartment. 

Our #2 & SIL gave the Mister a sous vide for Christmas a couple of years ago.
It was the second thing packed for the apartment.

This sweet little torch makes my creme Brulee topping nice and crunchy.

The Mister is a big fan of this pan for cooking.
I'm a big fan of the easy clean-up.

He really likes this skillet too.

The Mister and I are going to order this little number for our new house. 
Now that we straightened out the beverage, all we need is the house.
Btw... it's on sale.


Cute pie plate.

Now all I have to do is learn how to make a pie.

If you're on the clean-up crew, ask the chef to use one of these.

For the lazy cook, an automatic stirrer.

No cleanup at breakfast time.

The Mister spends hours in the specialty salt aisle.
All the more time to shop for moi.

I know that I have mentioned how much we are enamored with these battery-operated, lighted salt and pepper shakers.

I'm telling you again because my girls tell me I repeat myself a lot. I then point out that they do, as well, because they repeatedly tell me that I repeat myself a lot.
So we're even.

The Mister's favorite olive oil.

A must for the cook who chops a lot of onions and garlic.
The Mister first used one of these in a professional kitchen and has used one ever since.


And for the teary-eyed cook, why not include some onion goggles in his/her stocking as well?

We have been buying these sets for years.
This is my favorite scent.
My second favorite is lemon.
It reminds me of when I was a groovy teenager and used Lemon Up shampoo.
On sale!

Stocking stuffer?

We have these and love them.

Sista & Co. love this french press. 
On sale!

For the tea totaller that is always in a hurry.
It heats up the water with lightning speed.
Raving reviews, too.

Throw in some tea for a package deal.

This cork pop was featured on GMA's Steal & Deals.

It looked user-friendly, too!

Cute idea.

Love this rug!

Our #2 gave the Mister Masterclass last year for Christmas.

He said that they have really interesting instructors.


The perfect gift for the host who has his guests in the living and the steak in the freezer.

Great reviews on this fifteen-minute marinating system.

This is a steam cleaner for the grill.
They say it's grilltastic!

The Mister uses these trays for grilling.

How about a back-handed gift for the cook who has a propensity for over or under-cooking the meat. 

For the cook who had to cancel the Italy vacation this year.


For the Cook who loves Himalayan salt as much as me.

The Mister has one of these to make his yummy paella.

He also uses it for veggies and fish.

Home Depot

Does the Cook need a little spice in his/her life?

I put these in my post to remind my family that these two items are on my Christmas list.

I came across these darling dessert plates in my search.


My #1 has this set, and they are even prettier in person.
Not a bad price, either.

A pitcher is great for fresh flowers as well as Bloody Mary's.
But not for both at the same time.

Sweet Christmas towel.
It would be cute wrapped around a bottle of vino for your favorite neighbor.  
* Tell her not to tell the other peeps in the 'hood. 

Gentle reminders...

You can't forget the most beloved member of the household!

How cute are these for Grandma and the grandkids! 

And you would win the Grandma of the Year award if you ended your fun cooking afternoon with this guy in his/her hot chocolate.

I wouldn't recommend a sleepover, though.

Does this mug sum up the year, or what?

Need some more gift inspiration?

I have some here here, and here.

Until next time...


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  1. Thanks for all the recommendations. I put the Wms Sonoma soap set on my wish list. I bought a "stink stank stunk" ornament for our annual ornament. That pretty much sums up 2020. Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. Katie, what a joy it must be to have a Mister who cooks things you actually like to eat.lol My mister cooks but seldom anything I like as we have very different tastes. Sorry you are having no luck finding a house, like you said, maybe after Christmas people will be prepping to move by the summer. I had my house on the market at Christmas one year and it sold in February. Like you I thought the Christmas decor would make it homey.

  3. Thank you, Katie! I am so excited to have won your give-away! Sophistication is Overrated will have a prized position on my living room coffee table and in my heart! Thank you!

  4. Oh my goodness ... PEN ... you must stop with the gift guides. My mister says he'll have to work another two years before retiring. This leads me to suspect it's him interfering with my ability to comment on your fabulous blog. Finally, an explanation. But, I also suspect he's going to find a number of your Mister's selections quite tempting so I'm going to throw caution to the wind and forward to him. Ok, now back to my selections ... are these Frontgate engraved cutting boards amazing or are they amazing?! xo

  5. Wow, there are some really great ideas here, thank you! We use the WS meyer lemon year round in the kitchen, but I may have to try that spiced chestnut. That laser engraved recipe board - I have one those with a picture of the former house on it (bought it while living there thinking I'd be there a lot longer than we were, but a good memento now. Btw, our house sold with Christmas galore, all through the house!). Hope you find your new home soon. Congrats to Sunny!

  6. Three cheers for husbands who can cook and enjoy it! Meals were my responsibility for decades, and the baton has been passed - alleluia.
    I love the Anthropology plates - so cute.

  7. Great ideas for the Christmas wish list! Lucky you that mister is a chef. I always pay attention when you say he loves something. Hope you find your house soon.........

  8. I always love the mister's suggestions! Our son bought my husband the ooni pizza oven thanks to you guys and we love it!!

  9. Great ideas Katie - I'm adding several to my list! Good luck with the house, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Like that automatic stirrer. but I am so lazy I don't want to even cook any more. Hugs, Laura

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  12. We have the nonstick frying pan and use it every day to scramble eggs. Often we use it making dinner as well. It is hands down the best I have ever had. We wore out our first one (it took a long time) and ordered two more so we always have one in reserve.

  13. WEll, we have the fire torch and I use it to get the GAS BURNERS A GOING!!!!!
    CREME BRUELLE will have to wait!
    Have both frying PANS SO that makes me HAPPY!
    ONWARDS TO TURKEY DAY..................

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