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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Fabulous Day with #1, #2 & Adorable Jonathon

My #2 was home last week for Winter Break and on her last day home we visited #1 in her college town of Fort Worth. Our first stop was Brown Bag which is where they carry a great assortment of Sorority knickknacks and groovy college greek wear. # 2 just became a KD at her school in Virginia and was anxious to check out the sorority merchandise that they had in this cute store.

We then went to visit one of #1's favorite shops... Beehive. My girls love to spend their Mama's money.

This shop is really cute and has an adorable selection of clothes and accessories for the twenty to thirty year old age group.  That's probably why I felt so at home.

I bought this dress for #2 to wear to her induction ceremony to KD in April.

I also bought a cute dress for #2, but she deleted the pictures because she thought she looked "fat."  I wish I was that fat.

We then met #1's friend, Adorable Jonathon at the most darling restaurant named Brewed for lunch.  The food was positively delicious!  I am still dreaming of their sweet potato fries.  The ambiance reminds me of the coffee house, "Central Perk" in Friends.

If you go, you MUST order the s'mores dessert.  It is the best darn dessert I have ever had.  And believe you me, I have had plenty of dessert in my lifetime!  Ask Jenny Craig.

I tried to be polite in front of Adorable Jonathon but I wanted to lick every delicious bite from this little bowl. 

#1, Adorable Jonathon, and #2

A little shopping, a lot of noshing, and a good time had by all!


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  1. So cute - I also need to go over to Fort Worth soon! You are my local travel agent! I am a Kappa Delta so I will have to sign off my comment -AOT- for your #2 to learn about at her induction!

  2. How fun! Looks like such fun shops and love the restaurant....a Smores dessert? Good thing I don't live close, I would become a regular fast!
    Your girls are so darling and I love the white crochet dress!! Fun day.

  3. Your girls are so gorgeous! Found your blog just recently, but I'm loving it - you are very funny! Beth

  4. Beautiful family and looks like you all had a wonderful time. I always enjoy spending time with my daughter. Now that she's a little older we've become pals.



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