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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Cool Stuff for Guys According To The Mister

Hello, dear friends.  The countdown has begun.  If you haven't heard, Christmas is two weeks from tomorrow.  I'm pretty much done with the shopping.  It's fairly easy, but not quite as much fun when your kids only want money.

The Mister had a 6AM flight to Florida this morning.   He just called me to say that the de-ice truck ran into the plane.  Poor Mister. It's going be a long day.  

A week ago, I asked the Mister to send me a list of some things that men would like to see under the tree this year.  I also did some research on my own.  I'm pretty sure that you will be able to guess which links are the Mister's and which ones are mine. 

The DNA kit is the perfect gift for the guy who wants to start the conversation at next year's family reunion with a bang. 

According to the Mister, this is a must-have if you use your phone as a GPS. 

The Mister drives about three hours a day.  Usually, one of the hours is spent sitting in traffic.  Several months ago, I talked him into listening to books in the car.  It's amazing the difference in his mood when he walks in the door after listening to a good book as opposed to listening to Howard Stern.

No offense, Howard.

Have I ever told you that the Mister hoards chargers?  Yup, the guy loves chargers.  Anyway, this one is one of his favorites.  

The Mister finally broke down and got himself an Apple watch a few weeks ago.  He loves that darn thing more than me.  Of course, he wouldn't let me give it to him for Christmas.  When he wants something, he wants it NOW.

He also ordered this leather band to make his watch look even cooler if that's possible.

On the occasional cold day when the Mister takes the train, he wears these Bluetooth ear warmers on the way to the station.  

Along with chargers, the Mister has an affinity for pockets.  He put this little 9-pocket vest number on his Christmas list.  He said that it would be a great accessory for travel.

As long as his hands are free to carry my slew of luggage, I don't care if he wears a life preserver.

For the guy who wants to take his preppy wardrobe up a notch, the Barbour jacket is a sure bet. The Mister has the one where the lining can be removed for warmer days. 

For the guy you think may be getting cold feet, the Mister highly recommends these boots. 


For the guy who has cold hands but a warm heart, what about a rechargeable hand warmer?

The Mister does not have one of these waterproof speakers in his shower, so maybe he's dropping a hint because he sent me the link.


The Mister drinks lemon water out of one of these all day long.
Fun fact:  he knows every rest stop within a 60-mile radius.

I think that I talked about these Airpods before.  
The Mister uses them to work out and really likes them.


This telephoto lens for the iPhone is for the guy who is channeling his inner James Bond.  
Or the president of the Neighborhood Watch Committee.  
Whichever comes first.


This book would be a nice gift for the son who is leaving the nest and moving into his own pad.  

Or for the husband who needs to start pulling his weight.


I love the description on the cover... clean food for people who like to eat dirty.  

It feels dirty just typing it.


This manly cookbook would be an ingenious gift for the hubby that uses every pot and pan in the house.

Maybe he'll get the hint.
Then again, maybe not.


This is the perfect stocking stuffer for the guy who is the party animal of the family.


For the guy who enjoys cooking and has the scars to prove it, I'm sure that these oven gloves would be appreciated.


This nifty grill brush is for the guy like mine, whose grill is cleaner than my closet. 


This microwavable popcorn popper is for the single guy who has no interest in cooking but likes to entertain in style.

For the traveling man...


For the guy who is carrying his wife's bags, a backpack with a charger and loads of compartments including a sleeve for his computer.

Yup, you guessed it. 
This is the Mister's link. 


Is his Dopp kit falling apart?
Is it smeared with toothpaste and shave cream?
How about a pretty new leather one?


This keychain is ideal for the guy who never has cash for tips. You can fill it with ones and drop it into his stocking.

It would also be a clever idea for the woman who frequents the Chippendales shows.


For the guy who calls twice a month from an out-of-town meeting to have you Fed Ex his glasses/contacts, he can keep this nifty kit in his travel bag.


For the man who collects stamps on his passport like you collect points at Sephora.

For the handyman...


This is a 7-in-1 survival tool for the guy who would rather spend the night in a tent than a Four Seasons


If a gallery wall is on your bucket list for 2018, your man may need this.  


When your man finishes his project, do you find more nails on your floor than in your wall?


This is another one of the Mister's links.
I have no idea what this is or what it does. 
I don't really care, either.


This is a gift for the young man who needs some inspiration.  


And just in case he needs the perfect outfit to pop the question...


In the event that Harvey Weinstein or Matt Lauer's names pop up on your shopping list, a little something to fill their newfound spare time.

Until next time...

Who wore it best?

Friday, December 8, 2017

December's Books, TV, & Movies

Hello, dear friends.  The closer we get to Christmas, the faster the weeks whip by.  As I am writing this, I am listening to the news, and the meteorologist reports that Texas got some snow!  Who would have thought that Texas would be hit before Massachusetts?  We are expecting some tomorrow night and this girl is not happy.

I know two family members that are pretty excited about the forecast, though.

I know that I have talked about Until I Met Her a lot, but it is officially my favorite book of 2017.

After He Killed Me is the sequel to Until I Met Her.  
It was very good as well, but not quite as good as the first one.

This reminded me a little of Gone Girl with a dose of Social Media mixed in.  It kept my interest but I wasn't crazy about the ending.
I give it a B. 

I am in the middle of listening toThe Story of Arthur Truluv and enjoying every minute of it.  It's a sweet story about a lonely elderly gentleman and a neglected, bullied teenage girl.  
The good news is Arthur is not Roy Moore.

I am a quarter way through this thriller.  It's about a young couple who seem to have everything. They take a trip to their lake house,  which is a rare getaway without the kids.  There is a lot of tension and plenty is revealed during this road trip.  So far, so good.
I'll keep you posted.

My friend, Norma, in Austin, is reading this historical novel and enjoying it.  I put it on my list.

I have not read the following books.  
If you buy one and don't like it, don't blame it on me, I'm just the messenger.

This novel takes place in the 1950's in Louisiana.  It is described as a little of The Help with a dash of Dead Man Walking.  It comes out December 26th.

This thriller centers around a woman who escaped the wrath of a serial killer, and he is still loose.  I'm going to save this one for my walks on cold mornings so that I'll pick up the pace.


Roomies is a story about modern love and an arranged marriage.  I put this one on my list for when I'm in the mood for a light, feel-good read.

Three sisters go from old money to no money.  
Sounds pretty good to me.

A big ol' handsome cattle rancher falls in love with a single mother whose son has issues.  Sounds like another heartwarming tale by one of my favorite authors.

Another psychological thriller that may be too scary for the holidays but will keep you running on the treadmill in January.

The Road to Bittersweet is set in the Carolinas in the 1940's.  
This one comes out the day after Christmas.    

This novel is a family saga revolving around love as well as loss.  Sounds like we might need some kleenex.

This novel chronicles the life of one of Russia's most decorated war heroines.  Good reviews on this one.

This book looks like a great gift for the wannabe camper in your life.

Vanity Fair has always been one of my favorite magazines.  
It is on my audible download list.

This book looks like a great hostess gift, but not if the hostess is serving brunch.

I sat next to a gentleman on a flight that colored for the entire 3 hours.  He told me that it helps him relieve stress.

At the time I was holding my own stress reliever - a glass of chardonnay.

Now that Bobby is back on the market, he is paying attention to his physique.   

Here is a rundown of some TV show premieres this month. 

This is my new favorite show.  It is written by the creators of The Gilmore Girls.  I love the storyline, costumes, set design and I wonder if there is a soundtrack of the music score.  I wish that Hollywood would make more smart shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Today's the day.  Need I say more?
If you need a refresher, there's a great article here.

Can Shep carry a show?

A few of my buddies absolutely love this show.
And they don't even bake!

I don't watch this one, but my girls love it.  
I get more than my share of Vanderpump on RHBH.

The RHBH season hasn't even begun yet, and already I'm sick of Rinna.

What can I say... I love nerds.
No offense, Mister.

Darling movie.
Every middle schooler in the world should see it.

My buddy, Lisa recommended Lady Bird to me.  Rotten Tomatoes did not receive one negative review.  An all-time record.  The girls and I saw it and enjoyed it very much.  
However, I will say it gave me a touch of PTSD when it came to the mother/daughter tense moments.

It also didn't help that the girls told me that the Mom reminded them of me.  Probably because we both have brown hair.

There's a lot of hype surrounding Matt Damon's new movie, Downsizing.  
I'm not sure it's on the top of my list, though.

The Greatest Showman is definitely on the top of my list this Christmas.  I am a huge Hugh Jackman fan. 


Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks starring in a movie based on one of the country's biggest cover-ups?

Count me IN!

Why do talented people make goofy movies?
Hopefully, Father Figures is better than it looks. 

Yup, Molly's Game is another one on my must-see list.
It's based on a true story. 

Any suggestions you want to throw my way for books, tv, or movies? 

Until next time...


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