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Friday, December 11, 2020

Over 30 gifts for Under 30 Bucks

Hello, dear friends.  I hope you are having a good week.  I've got one last gift guide for you, and I wanted to get it done in time for you to receive shipments before the holiday. 

At any given time, there are at least three Prime delivery trucks around the complex.  I have even received same day service a few times.  

Another thing I love about Dallas.

Two for one!
A nightlight and a speaker.

Another twofer.
A phone mount and charger in one.

For the sock aficionado, who also happens to be a sock lover.

How cute are these?

Cute caddy.

Bloody Mary spears for New Years Day


Shhh... a certain Mister may find this under the tree.

For the snacker extraordinaire.

Great to have handy at Grandma's house!

Nice set.
That's what he said.

Who else is planning on being a healthy new me for 2021?

The Instant Books are cute gifts and great treasures to grandparents.

Get one of these so Alexa can flirt with your husband too!

This is the perfect gift for the husband who asks you what's for breakfast on Sunday mornings.

The Mister loves the seasoning; I love the crock.

One of the Mister's favorite stocking stuffers from Christmas past.

Another one of his faves.

Make sure that the kid that gives you this gets an extra present.
Make a big deal out of it.
It's good training for years to come.

My buddy KTG gave me a cute little duck named Mel, just like one of these. 

This is an Embrace Ambition bracelet for the up-and-coming girl in your life.

Cute clips and a great buy.

By far, the best at-home treatment I've ever tried.
Sephora is offering free shipping with code FREESHIP.

On Sale!
My weekly lifesaver.
Don't forget FREESHIP!

This is a great deal!



For the person who has cold hands and a warm heart.

A cute tray for glasses and trinkets?

If you're not going to be with your loved ones this year, send some pictures of yourself hanging on their tree.

For the preppy in your life.

Old Navy

Great sales over at Old Navy.

Although it's a tad warmer here, I still wear my Cuddl Duds on my brisk morning walks.

I hope that my planner has more things written in it next year than it did this year.

One of my favorites.

My favorite this year.

I just finished this one and enjoyed it. 


If you encourage him, he'll want to show off.

This is the Mister's contribution.

The Mister used to use these when he took the train.
He doesn't miss those days in the least.

There's one in every family.

Instead of giving Dad a tie this year, why not give him something he can wear with pride. 

Kids shouldn't be the only ones that get awarded with stickers!
This is an adult book that awards behavior such as I Recycled and I Backed Up My Computer!

For all your stressed-out friends... why not sneak a dammit doll into their stocking?

I'm getting the Mister one of these.
I hope he gets me something nice too.

Need some gift inspiration?

I have some herehere, herehereherehere, and here.

Stay safe.

Until next time...

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  1. Great gift ideas. I have used lots of your suggestions for my gift list, and for myself too. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Some truly unique ideas pot for the shower...uhm.....I like that magnetic wrist band for tools, might come in handy for sewing as well.

  3. A great list of ideas! I want that snack basket for myself, ha! And that mom trinket dish!! Oh, and I think I am going to have to get that "Dad" t-shirt for my husband... he has been FULL of dad jokes this year. ;)

  4. Great ideas! I love the popcorn cup, great way to bring it with you while looking at Christmas lights!

  5. Your always find great things for us to buy!! Thanks!

  6. Great ideas, several made me chuckle! Always look forward to your posts. Got confused, are you also looking for a house in the Woodlands? I moved to DFW from Houston seven years ago and love it up here.

  7. Lol, excellent list, mostly useful and some entertainingly useless!

  8. What an awesome gift guide - and I love your commentary! Enjoy your weekend, friend!

  9. Katie, you could have had a career as a personal shopper! Great fun here!

  10. This is a great list. I've seen several items I'll be getting for friends.

  11. First, can't remember if I've told you how much I like your new blog design. Secondly, our daughter lives right outside Oklahoma City and they get same day delivery on some Prime items too. It makes spending money even easier. Insane! Okay, going to grab a few of these and put them in my cart.

  12. These are all such great gift ideas! I'm always scrambling to find the perfect gifts all year! Thanks for sharing

    Life is a Shoe

  13. Just wondering about the opinion t-shirt? Do you think someone might ask for a gift slip so they can exchange? I have really loved your gift guides. Hubster and I gave each other a new kitchen this year so on Christmas morning there will be a big bow to cut on the entrance to the room and maybe I'll get him a new apron. Romance is not dead in this house.

  14. Oh, I am SO getting ALL of my friends that bloody mary spear....we call them bloody salads because by the time we finish making it, everything in the kitchen is stuck in that drink!!
    Also sending you a link for the spark's a water bottle that has an app and the app tells you when its time to drink more water!!! Got one for all my kids!

  15. PEN ... you're killing it with the gift guides. So glad this is your last ... I've run out of time and money! Seriously, the Bloody Mary Skewers are the perfect gift for my soon to be DIL. Apparently, I'm not the only one that felt this way, but they'll arrive in the for her New Year's Day hangover (ahem ... brunch). xo

  16. My grandchildren got me those pizza socks for my birthday. They are fabulous! Love your list as always!!

  17. All of my gift shopping is done but I couldn't resist clicking to see if there is something I want!

  18. You always come up with some great gifts...I love the pizza socks and the popcorn cup. Now off to shop! Merry Monday, Katie!


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