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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Social Distancing Dinner

 Hello, dear friends.  I don't know about you, but our Fall weather has been picture-perfect.  Needless to say, not a lot of packing, purging, or organizing has been done.


We did have our dear friends, Annie and Bob, over for dinner. It was a great evening of catching up and reminiscing.


I would not be lying if I told you that I am getting a bit melancholy about our big move.  Not only will I miss the dear friends that I have made over the past almost seven years, but I also feel sad about leaving our old house, which was a labor of love. 

The last time I went on my hydrangea hunt around the outside of the house was the day that we sold the house.  Lucky for me, I found several still blooming and ended up having just enough. 


Another thing that I am going to miss in this old house is this big ol' sink, which is in my laundry room right off the kitchen.  It has come in very handy over the years between arranging flowers and doggie dilemmas.

I took some behind-the-scenes photos to share with you. 


Our very pensive Chef seen here whipping up his magic.

Lucky for me, the Chef cleans up as he goes.

The CIA has trained him well.

He is wearing his favorite needlepoint bowtie belt that I gave to him years ago.  
I told him that I made it.
I think he believed me because he nodded and tossed an eye roll my way.

Safety first!

We served the hors d'oeuvres on cakestands in my favorite room in the house.

Tasty Tomato Galettes 
* Recipe in next Friday Files

Cured salmon with horseradish cream and cucumber caviar (chopped cucumber & basil) on brioche.

Zucchini carpaccio croutons with onion bacon onion jam

Take note of this socially-distanced table.

Not user-friendly for passing the salt.

Tomato salad made with avocado tzatziki, corn, parsley, yellow beets, cucumber radish, watermelon, and small buffalo mozzarella.

Sole and lobster with fennel and Maui onion, chanterelles, olives, cherry tomato, capers, lemon on parchment.
* Recipe at the end of this post.

The entree was wrapped in parchment paper.

After serving, the Mister doled out the best part... beurre blanc.

And then we indulged in the sweetest part...

Who am I kidding?

The sweetest part was spending time with our good friends.

Until next time...

I follow Mr. Villi and the Westie Boys on Instagram.  
Whenever I have a stressful day, they always put a smile on my face.

Halibut Baked in Parchment

6 oz. Halibut

1/4 cup of fennel and sweet onion mix

1Tb Butter

1t Dijon

1/2 t Capers

4 pitted Kalamata Olives

2 Cherry Tomatoes cut in half

1 1/2 oz. Lobster

Salt & Pepper 

1 Lemon Slice

Quickly saute fennel and onions together and then chill

Preheat oven to 350 degrees 

Layout parchment

Top with fennel Onion Mix 

lay Halibut on top of fennel and onion bed

Brush on Butter and Dijon combined





Salt & Pepper

Brush edges of parchment with egg whites, fold, & seal

bake for 12 -15 minutes at 350 degrees.  

Use scissors to cut pouches.

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  1. That belt is FABULOUS. What a perfect gift for the mister. The food looks good too 🤣

  2. I am going to miss this lovely old home too, but I know you will find a wonderful one in the Big D. The meal looks scrumptious. I trained my man early too. He is the cook and I am the baker.

  3. Looks lovely and delicious! What a special time!

  4. Everything is beautiful and the appetizers and meal are fit for a king! Glad you were able to share the time with friends.

  5. Your Mister is truly a master culinary artist. We don't go to quite that detail when we entertain. And, neither does my hubby clean up behind himself, but I accept my role with humility.

  6. Old homes have a charm that new ones rarely match. That being said, they are a pain to maintain! (I know, mine is 115 years young and demands constant attention!!)

  7. So elegant....so luscious....I know you will miss your beautiful home....I would too!

  8. Dinner looks fabulous. You are one lucky gal to have a chef around all the time!! Good luck on your move, I am sure you will miss your lovely home! I think your sunroom would be my favorite room, too!!

  9. Dinner looks like it was delicious and those hors d'oeuvres look super yummy! It is always hard to move and leave loved ones behind but good friends will stay in touch and visit. It is really ever good-bye. I look forward to your new adventures in Texas!

  10. I know you will find a lovely new home but this one!!!! Spectacular. Now I am going to see how long ago you started posting so I can snoop🥰😂

  11. You can never come to our parties. Pigs & a blanket served with honey mustard. Cheesy jalapeño dip ( on the blog) um homemade guacamole. My father in law calls it Guadalajara. When do you move?

  12. I love it when the Mister cooks! I'd sit on the roof if need to be enjoy one of his culinary masterpieces. I'm sure the upcoming move is bittersweet ... leaving behind that amazing sink .. I mean good friends! Wink. xo

  13. What a wonderful dinner! YUM! And I am having a good chuckle from the cute belt! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. Always love seeing what your chef is conjuring up! We live on that bacon onion jam over here. I cannot wait for the recipe for the tasty tomato Galettes! Yum Yum Yum

  15. Goodness, how pretty! Can my husband and I be your new best friends? Everything looks delicious and your home is so inviting! #happynowlinkup

  16. I didn’t know that you were moving! Guess I missed a post or two. Good luck in your new stage of life! My Mister retired almost a year ago and it is a different way of life for sure, but it will be much better post virus. I am amazed at all you have accomplished over the summer! It must be a wrench to part with your lovely home, but there is no replacement for being near our children, and I am sure you will love Dallas! Cannot wait to see your new place and all of the gorgeous things that you will do with it! Congratulations on a whole new adventure!

  17. I'm sure you will miss that beautiful house and those gorgeous hydrangeas! My hydrangeas did not even bloom at all this year!! :( Do you have a moving date yet? Best of luck in packing!

  18. Dinner prepared by The Mister looks scrumptious. I knew that your beautiful house would sell quickly. I'm jealous that you will be gone by winter.

  19. I follow Mr. Villi and the Westie Boys, too, but now it just makes me sad to look at it knowing that Mr. Villi has passed. Your current home is so charming. I can't believe you can leave it!

  20. Oh, Katie! Your chef is amazing! WOW - my appetizers never look even remotely as pretty and tastefully artistically done as yours! What a special treat for all!

    Love the belt - eye roll and all. My sister just needlepointed a belt for her hubs - took her all summer!

    When do you move? Are you going far? Downsizing? I have a terrible memory and would forget my name if it wasn't on all the bills, haha.

    Best wishes to you - moving is very stressful. Take care and please stay well.

  21. I have always enjoyed peeks into your lovely home, I'm sure it will be hard to leave it not to mention all your friends. It's always fun to entertain friends, especially when we haven't seen them for so long, Covid! I'm sure your dinner was delicious and your chef was so nice to clean as he goes! Good luck with the move............

  22. You have a beautiful New England home, but can’t wait to see your Texas style. And your friends sure have a treat when they experience the “chefs” dinner menu.

  23. Wow, what gorgeous food!! You are going to miss the New England falls but not the winters!

  24. Katie, I'd love dinner at your house at that lovely table. Hey, I'd love that dinner even if you put me in solitary on the porch! It looks divine and everything -- from food to table --is perfection!

  25. Dinner at your home looks to be a wonderful treat!

  26. Every aspect of that meal looks fabulous Katie! And it IS nice to see friends again, even it's from a distance! :)


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