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Home Tour

In April of 2021, we moved into our new home in North Texas.  The neighborhood is across the street from our old house.  The search was not easy; homes were sold within minutes of being listed.  We had lost out on two houses.  We were fortunate to have an aggressive realtor who understood exactly what we were looking for. She arranged for a viewing of the home before it hit the market.  

The minute we entered the house, we knew that we had found our home.

The house checked off almost all of the boxes.  We loved the layout and also the fact that it got so much light.

Our thoroughly darling Mille joined us a few months after we moved in.

One of the boxes checked was a study for the Mister.

We sold almost all of our furniture to the new owners of our Massachusetts house.  We ordered a lot of the furniture within minutes of signing the papers on the house.

Another box that was checked is a spacious great room with plenty of seating.

Another box that was checked that was very close to the Mister's heart was a spacious kitchen.  An added bonus is a large pantry and plenty of storage space. 

 There is one problem, though, I can only reach one-tenth of the space.

My favorite part of renovating a house is decorating the powder room.

Welcome to Blog Central.

Welcome to our boudoir.

Last year, I was thrilled to do a partnership with my favorite bedding company, Boll and Branch.  I kid you not... these sheets stay sparkling white and get softer with every wash! 

Her Ladyship's quarters.

We also needed a guest room for our New Yorkers when they come to visit.

My laundry room is convenient to the master bedroom and spacious.

A must-have on my list was a screened-in porch.  We had rolling screens installed when we moved in.

And we also added an outdoor kitchen for the Mister.

And of course, the Mister had to have his garage brought up to snuff. 

Thanks for stopping by!

This home tour encompasses our new/old home in Massachusetts, which we moved into in December 2013.  This house was a labor of love.  It was built in 1890, and my husband fell head-over-heels in love with it online the day we found out that we were being transferred.

In October 2020, the Mister retired, and we moved back to the great state of Texas to our former hometown.    
I hope you enjoy the tour. 


Our new home

Move-in day 12/17/13

Almost four years later.

The Front Hall

The Den
Before photos here.

The Third Floor

The Mister's playroom was the first room done in the house. 

Also on the third floor is the Mister's bathroom, closet, and Blog Central.

Blog Central
For the before and after
you can find it here.

Butler's Pantry
For the before and after
you can find it here.

Powder Room

Dining Room

For the before and after
you can find it here.

For the before and after 
you can find it here.


Master Bedroom
For the before and after 
you can find it here.

Laundry Room


Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I may have missed this but, what is the name and brand of your gorgeous blue paint??

    1. I love the blue paint too. I wonder what color it is?

  2. Lovely! I would love to create an illustration for you of your beautiful home. Maybe for a secret gift":)

  3. Wow! Your home is amazing. I love everything you've done. The McKinney house was gorgeous too. How's it going living in such a different state and climate? Texas girl here asking. :)

  4. I just took the time to look at all these pictures of your home in Mass. It is lovely and you did an amazing job. The Mister should be vey proud of you:)

  5. Beautiful home! Love your style d├ęcor and amazing front door entry

  6. I'm basically dying over those gingham chairs in the sun room ... PERFECT.

    Mary Mae
    Pacific Prep

  7. Your antique house is gorgeous!!! Love it! Welcome to New England (I know I'm a little late, but better late than never;)

  8. I'm in love with your Massachusetts house!

  9. Well, you definitely have a chicken fetish and CHANDELIERS SPEAK TO YOU so I think we will be MATES!!!!

  10. Your house is absolutely beautiful!

  11. I have roosters too. Not the real kind. Ha!
    Your home is pretty, and speaks to my traditional style. I want to invite you to visit me at MyKentuckyLiving. Hope to see you there.

  12. Katie your home is absolutely gorgeous but that sunroom made my heart skip a beat!!

  13. First of all, your home is stunning! I love all the buffalo checks, the kitchen...everything! Thanks for letting me know about the counter stools. I love the ones you have but RH stools are mostly 26 inches and I need 24-25 max. Yours are so pretty though! Gorgeous house!

  14. Anyone that loves an old house is a great person in my book. Beautiful!


  15. Your home is gorgeous... straight out of a magazine inside and out! I love the character that oozes from a traditional home, and your dog just makes it perfectly heartwarming. :) I hope you're enjoying living in it as much as I just did virtually touring it!

  16. What a find! Beautiful! Love your use of colors.

  17. I just found your blog today. I'm subscribing! I love your beautiful home. It looks like it belongs in a magazine. I truly love French Country and adore your decor. I love your use of color. I am such a color person! I'm new to the blogging world and started my blog two months ago. I'm discovering there are lots of wonderful blogs out there!

  18. I had to come visit your house tour and am I glad I did! I see we have something in common and that is a LOVE of anything blue and white!!! I have been collecting it for over 30 years. I ADORE the wallpaper in the powder room! OMGoodness. Your home is just beautiful.

  19. So enjoyed visiting your home Katie, love the colors and your use of lighting. Quite new to your blog and am trying to work my way through. Thank you for sharing. Best Lillian aka starchedlinen xx

  20. As a fellow South Shore gal myself, I am obsessed with your house.


  21. Just found your blog and WOW, I love your decorating style. Bobbie from Spokane WA

  22. What an exquisite home and yard! This is a fabulous piece of property and you have made it even more beautiful! Glad I followed the link to see it!

  23. Love your beautiful colonial home, Kate. I also love topiaries (both faux and living), chinoiserie, and had a great appreciation for Erma Bombeck's witty columns. Look forward to seeing more updates on your ongoing decor and remodeling projects.

  24. Take it ( Please) from the World's oldest preppy, that is definitely the real thing...!!!
    Arthur E. Lloyd III
    The New Jersey Yankee

  25. What an amazing job. I know it was no small task!

  26. That house was amazing, you made it look so elegant. I actually got to have lunch on the veranda, what a treat!


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